Julien renault

Julien Renault

Julien Renault grew up outside Paris and attended design schools both in France (Reims School of Art and Design) and in Switzerland (ECAL). Two different cultures and approaches to design which have partly shaped Renault’s own way of addressing his work. On the one hand artistic, free and personal, on the other hand systemic, objective and rational. Renault uses both pragmatism and intuition when he dives into a new project, creating a dialogue between sense and sensibility.

The cross-disciplinary output is suitable for a designer such as Renault who is grounded in his vision of essentialism. Behind each apparently plain project lurks a bunch of well-considered references and the mindset of a designer who leaves nothing to chance. Renault thinks and works conceptually and throughout each project follows a precise and recognisable image. Whether the assignment is a product design, a photo shoot or an interior space, it starts with a defining element which accompanies the concept from start to finish.

For Quincalux he created the Palma Collection in which he sublimates the lines of a palm into an elegant door and window handle.


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