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Design and craftsmanship, hand-made in Belgium. Quincalux guarantees traditional craftsmanship with modern technological ingenuity.
Every part turned, milled hot-pressed or cast in a sand bed is considered and detailed with care and passion for the craft.
From the crank pin to the adjusting bolt; from the groove to the handle, it is always the result of a meticulous design and production process.
Cutting-edge innovative technology helps polish the true métier, but the hand always comes first at Quincalux.
The knowledge is at hand and passed on from generation to generation.
Every new product created by designers for architects always passes through many hands.
That's what it's always meant for.

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A little nostalgia...

It all started when Werner Desschans opened a small workshop in the Budastraat, in the centre of Kortrijk, in 1942...
His father, Georges, was a blacksmith and Werner inherited the "trade".
In those days, banks were equipped with grills for receiving customers. This was the main product that got the company started.
Shortly after the Second World War, the reconstruction of the country began.
The demand for handrails, coat racks, door handles and pulls became frequent.
Under the leadership of Carl Desschans (mid-1960s), brass was increasingly chosen as the basic material.
During this period, the workshop expanded and more and more people joined Quincalux, with the result that Quincalux had to move to the Sint-Denijsstraat in Kortrijk.
A national network of distributors was set up, regularly visited by representatives.
A second move to the current location in Wevelgem became necessary.
Carl's son Lorenzo, the actualowner, joined the company in the mid-90s.
Under his leadership, the export of "architectural hardware" was launched.
Carl still works "7 days a week" in the company.

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