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With a fascination for Industrial standards, Julien Renault is inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects and the traces of manufacturing processes.

How would you describe your design style?

“I like finding inspiration in something, in an object. That could be an industrial standard or an artform. I always begin with a reference to something, a material, a technique or a found object. If you take the Punched Metal Hook I designed for Hem, that was inspired by standardized parts that I found in a shop for industrial pieces like steel plates, arms and tubes. There were some mixed parts in varying diameters and when I saw the shape of the object I loved it. My feeling was that there was no design to change on this thing and we can supply this product all over the world, that it could be the starting point for a new industrial object. I can find inspiration and beauty in anything”

From the interview “Ask the designer” for Hem
Portrait by Nicolas Delaroche

Based in Brussels, in a new office in since late 2017, the studio is in the process of developing design projects with various companies such as Hem, Van den Weghe, ABV, … Additionally to the design development, Julienrenaultobjects is a multidisciplinary studio who provides photography and creative direction for international brands and designers like Stattmann Neue Moebel, Kewlox, Atmosphère & Bois Home, LeviSarha...




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